KV - Equipment Moving

Dependable Shipping & Storage Services

Count on Rodgers Bros. Services, Inc. for your shipping and storage needs. We are located in Clearwater, Florida, and provide excellent shipping and storage services for customers throughout the area.

Truck - Shipping Services

Transportation Services

To ensure the safe and secure arrival of your equipment, we provide air ride tractors and trailers. Machinery we move includes, but is not limited to:

• Air Handlers
• Boilers
• Brake Presses
• Bridgeports
• Chillers
• Conveyor Systems

• CNC Machines
• Generators
• Injection Molding Machines
• Lathes
• Medical Equipment
  (MRI, CT, X-Ray, Etc.)

• Printing Equipment
• Punch Press
• Safes
• Switch Gear
• Transformers


Shipping & Crating Services

Safe and reliable handling of your shipment is assured when it comes to crating and assembly of special skids. Our shop can fabricate crating, bracing, brackets, or supports as needed.

Drop Shipment & Storage Services

Worry-free delivery and placement of your specialized equipment is our goal. When you arrange shipment directly with our storage facilities, we will off load and hold your items in our storage facility until your scheduled delivery. We'll then load the items onto our air ride tractor-trailers, transport and off load them, and then place them into position at your facility.

Contact us in Clearwater, Florida, to request storage for your specialized equipment.